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    VitaMonk offers an affiliate program that allows you to earn revenue just by partnering with our site. At VitaMonk, we offer products that are enticing for everyone, regardless of what your regular client base might be. VitaMonk manufactures top quality vitamins and supplement products that are focused on the health and fitness of your audience. Each one of our supplements is made with the safest and highest quality ingredients, yet totally affordable toanyone who has an interest in purchasing them.


    Becoming a partner in our affiliate marketing program allows you the opportunity to give your audience exciting supplements that their bodies need while giving you reliable revenue as well. When you become an affiliate with us, you receive 10 percent of the sales that come from traffic that is shown to stem from your specific site for up to 90 days at a time. The 10 percent that we offer meets or exceeds the industry norm to ensure you are getting the most revenue possible. We keep track of this using a unique URL that is given to you when you sign up with us. Then, when someone comes to our site from your link, we put a temporary cookie on his or herbrowser that proves that the traffic comes from you. Once every month, you will receive a payment through PayPal!


    Using this VitaMonk affiliate program takes nothing at all and is as simple as taking advantage of the traffic that is already coming to your site. If at any point in time you have questions for us, we are here to help you along every step of the way to ensure a mutually beneficial relationship for all that are involved. Make even more money out of what you are already doing by signing up to become an affiliate with VitaMonk today!


    Start making money with VitaMonk and click here to sign up for the affiliate program.


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